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Fine Art Flower and Fruit Painting

Kathleen Konicek-Moran’s botanical fine art paintings in
watercolor including flower painting, fruit painting and other like subjects

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Fine Art Paintings
  Subject Description

Angraecum orchid
Based on an orchid found at Whimsey Orchids, in Homestead FL

Catopsis berteroniana
Watercolor and gouache: showing this fabulous bromeliad in its home in the mangroves of Everglades National Park.

Chicken of the Woods Fungus
This is a colored pencil rendition of an edible fungus that showed up in our back yard one year.

Everglades Limpkin
This quiet colored bird has some blue-feathered surprises. And set in front of an Everglades sunset - well, it isn't so dull.

Leafless Vanilla
Sadly, an extirpated plant from the US, and the mangroves it lives on.

Simpson's Prickly Apple
An endangered cactus from the Everglades National Park and what we think may be its pollinator - the Giant Sphinx Moth, in it's natural setting. It only blooms at night.

Sophie's Hope
This picture of the flamboyant spoonbill is in memory of a beautiful young woman, who died much too young.

Still Life with Raku and Orchid
The beginning of a working series...

Still-Life Re-visioned: Fruit Flight
A new endeavor for me: a bit of humor

View of Cycad Circle at Fairchild Tropical Gardens
My first far landscape - of course about plants!

Zebra Tomatoes
Imagine a plant with almost all of the colors of the rainbow. The background of blue and purple provides the missing colors.
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