Dr. Kathleen Konicek-Moran


Exhibition Gardens

Kathleen and Dick have created a 2 ½ acre horticultural dreamland on their Amherst property, which is admired by gardeners in the area, and has been featured on garden tours and in local gardening columns.  Dick did the woodscaping, and Kathleen the gardening and paths.

If you are in the area, come and see us!


Photos of our Amherst Exhibition Gardens
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Garden Center
A special lantern helps guide the eye to a standard lilac, the centerpiece of the border garden.
Garden Dogs!
Two beautiful blue merle Australian shepherds, Ticket, the mother and Cirrus, the daughter stand next to the arbor above the rock garden.
Garden Gazebo
The color wheel annual garden around a vine-covered gazebo. In front, the purple garden is abutted on either side by the red and orange gardens. Kathleen grows these annuals from seed in the greenhouse.
Garden Pergola
Dahlias in the foreground, Dick's pergola in the back, in the large border garden
Greenhouse Seedlings
A picture through the greenhouse window shows spring annual seedlings and early tomatoe
May Garden
Flowering trees in the May garden.
Shade Gardens
View of the house and the shade gardens leading up to it.
Upper Rock Gardens
View of the upper rock gardens and the sun porch, where Kathleen spends her afternoons painting.
Veggie Garden
Dick's blue picket fence keeps the small veggie garden safe from Peter Rabbit! Cirrus, the Aussie, helps too.
Water Garden
The water garden with the traditional glass of wine that Kathleen drinks during the evening garden walk. The goldfish swim to greet them (and get fed) while the frogs splash away to hide.
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