Dr. Kathleen Konicek-Moran
About Kathleen


Passion for Botanical Art

I think that beauty saved me. I remember during a very emotionally hard time of my life going outside into the newly-turned-spring world and finding a a plant covered with little brilliant blue flowers that had funny tiny white antennae-like things trembling over their white-framed center. I looked it up in a flower book. Bird’s eye speedwell! A perfect name! Delightful! I tumbled into a sort of joy that morning, and from then on I’ve been hooked on nature’s beauty upon which I’ve since built my world. I embarked, with my husband’s carpentry support, into redesigning our garden and building it up into a showcase for interesting plants. When I retired from my position as a writing teacher in a college, I took an internship at a local botanic garden, and now I have a limited business providing design and maintenance services. I began volunteering in the Everglades National Park winters in the botany department, monitoring and cataloguing plants and developing a tree key.

In my art, I try to utilize my botanical knowledge to represent the entirety of a plant, but I also endeavor to present it in an artistic way. Despite the beautiful advances in nature photography, there is still a place for the botanical artist, who can separate the plant from the background, and manipulate the specimen to provide the observer with the most pertinent information. And there are stunning fine art botanical illustrations that can take your breath away!

Up close and in person is the only thing that provides fuel and passion great botanical illustrations

There are so many plants out there, that few people see. I hope to help people see through my eyes the beauty that I find there, just as I discovered the charm of the bird’s eye speedwell all those years ago. I hope you can see some of this through the art you’ll find in these web pages.

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