Dr. Richard Konicek-Moran
Educator, Biologist, Author
Dick's Awards

dr. Richard Konicek-Moran Awards
Dr Konicek-Moran won the Distinguished Teaching Award for the University of Massachusetts in 1988 and the Mortar Board Distinguished Teaching Award in 1990. Here are excepts from the presentation by President Page Keeley of his latest award, the National Science Teacher's Association Presidential Citation Award, 2009:

In his 55 years of working in science education, Dick has been a teacher on many levels: in the classroom, as a science curriculum coordinator, as a professor at the University of Massachusetts, where he obtained two distinguished teaching awards. He led uncountable workshops in science methods for teachers and administrators at all levels in local schools and on five continents. Dick headed one of the first educational delegations to China after Nixon opened diplomatic relations. He has developed on-line courses and on-site programs in inner cities.

He has been a researcher in children’s alternative conceptions during his entire career, working at a local and international level with organizations such as the Children’s Learning in Science Group with the venerated Roz Driver. The researchers in one project uncovering children’s preconceptions about decomposition referred to themselves as the “Dead Fruit Society”. Some people think that his Phi Delta Kappan article “Teaching for Conceptual Change” written with graduate student and author, Bruce Watson, is a seminal work in the movement for inquiry-based learning.

Dick has been a media figure, as a consultant, interviewer and “talking head” -- host for the Private Universe Project’s Media Group of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics’ Case Studies in Science Education. Dick also wrote and hosted a series of fun science projects called “Kids! Do This At Home!” for local television.

Dick is the co-author of 22 textbooks and author of two recent books,

Dick Received his most recent honor, an NSTA Presidential Citation, at the 2009 NSTA
convention in New Orleans
Everyday Science Mysteries and More Everyday Science Mysteries. He began his career as a scientist in biology, a profession he still keeps up with as he works with python researchers in the Everglades.

A few little known facts about Dick: he is a talented pianist who has been in dance bands and still plays for special occasions. He loves woodworking, dancing and walking in nature -- he was just 3 peaks short of joining the 4,000 Footers Club - people who have bagged all 48 peaks in the White Mountains over 4,000 feet- before his knee gave out. He plans to have his ashes spread on the remaining peaks and so hopes to obtain the honor posthumously. Father of two sons, stepfather to 6 other children, grandfather to 10 (and still counting).

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